Dr Erazo 172, Colonia Doctores.
Ciudad de México.

+52 (55) 51 62 10 05
Déjate Querer is a felt rug and tapestry design studio, founded by Ana Paula Alatriste and Rocío Cortés in 2012, they experiment and offer new textile production processes with wool felt.

In Déjate Querer we combine our passion for design with a curiosity for understanding the processes of diverse textile materials with a low environmental impact. We have used our knowledge to discover an aesthetic and distinct language using wool felt, taking full advantage of what this wonderful material has to offer.

We create forms and textures in objects that define spaces, transforming these into dynamic and magical environments. Our designs are inspired by nature, geometry and cultural knowledge. All our products are handmade, conceptualized and produced at our studio in Mexico City. Each design is created using a geometric model in which we weave one piece to another until completion.

For Déjate Querer it is essential to continue creating and transforming concepts and traditions. Felt is passionate and infinite, we are focused on using all our material, we do not believe that the surplus is garbage so we seek to create new products with it, such as baskets and vases in order to reduce our waste.
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